Whether it's your deck, gate, or fencing, all wooden structures eventually need some TLC. Regular upkeep is necessary in order to avoid dry rot, weathering, and overall deterioration. And though these additions are supposed to add curb appeal to the home, if not properly maintained they could become an ugly eyesore and actually devalue a piece of property.

To prevent structural repair or complete replacement, it's always a good idea to frequently stain or paint your fencing.  Firstly, we clean the area thoroughly by removing all built up dirt and debris .Then, if it's a re-coat, scrape off all the old paint, sand down the rough or worn areas, and repair any damage suffered over the winter. Finally, like in the home, we tape your hardware and hinges, plus, put down a small section of plywood to protect nearby concrete structures and shrubs. We also replace any damaged wood and bring back to new.


Maintenance from Secure Fences